pew-bible“Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness”    (Psalm 96:9)
Sunday: Holy Eucharist (10:30am) in the Church
Tuesday – Thursday: Morning Prayer (9am) in the Chapel
(Holy Days and other special liturgies will be announced)
As Episcopalians, we worship according to the Book of Common Prayer,    a pattern of worship that connects us to other Anglicans around the world in an ancient yet modern style. 
communionWe pray for the world, for the sick, for renewal of life and for peace.  We read from sacred scripture, sing hymns, and hear a sermon.  On most Sundays we have Holy Communion and all baptized Christians (regardless of denominational background) are welcome to receive at our altar.  You may recieve both the body and blood of our Lord Jesus, or simply the body if you prefer.  If you’ve not been baptized, you’re welcome to recieve a blessing by coming to the rail and signaling to the priest by crossing your arms over your chest.
If at any point in our worship you feel lost, don’t worry!  You can always ask the person next to you what we’re doing and we’ll help out.
ihs-pulpitWhoever you are and whererever you are,
please know that