Send Father Cal an email and say hello. pastor@stmarys-franklin.org He would love to meet you for a cup of coffee or a visit sometime.
Father Calvin Lane, Ph.D.
Father Cal has been priest-in-charge of St. Mary’s Church since July 2011.   The joy of his life is standing at our altar sharing Christ’s presence.  He loves meeting new people and hearing their stories, learning where folks have been and what has shaped them. 
Father Cal is committed to seeing people flower as disciples of Jesus Christ and he loves developing and leading Bible studies and Christian education programs.  Biblical literacy is a high priority!  He’s a member of the Order of St. Luke, a group committed to the ministry of healing prayer, and a priest-associate of the Society of Mary, a group which keeps the church focused on the mystery of God’s Incarnation in Jesus, how God entered into all the messiness of our life.  Father Cal loves the Anglo-Catholic tradition of his seminary formation, but above all styles of prayer and worship, he wants folks to know Jesus Christ first and foremost!
In addition to serving as our parish priest, Father Cal currently serves as Affiliate Professor of Church History at  Nashotah House Theological Seminary teaching courses on a regular basis during summer and winter terms and in distance formats.  His book on the Church of England in the 17th century was published this year
His wife, Dr. Denise Kettering-Lane, teaches distance courses for
Bethany Theological Seminary in Indiana.  Father Cal and Denise recently were blessed by the birth of their son, Daniel and are  excited to be new parents.  Daniel was baptized with water and the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Sunday, 2013.